Keeping Up with Sansar

Sansar Atlas GeneralTeleport Center Bayswater London in SansarArianne Teleport List


The VR World of Sansar is such a dynamic place to explore……

Like I mentioned before in my first blog  Mind The Gap!   there are around 1000+ public experiences and you might ask yourself: ” What is a convenient/easy way to enter fast such and experience & finding your favourite place” ?

  1. The official atlas of Sansar                                                                                            You have different options to choose from; upcoming events, featured,all, Sansar Studios and the experiences of your friends called  “my friends”
  2. Remote Teleport Destinations from Inworld                                                             Several creators are developing in the experiences teleport options to other worlds. Please look carefully, you will find them while exploring destinations in Sansar.
  3. The outside                                                                                                                        Several websites are using the URL links ~> name/experience title , to offer you a teleport in sansar.    Some examples are the websites: Discover Experiences of Sansar by or Linking Up with Sansar by                                                                                                                                               The links are not very difficult to create, so we would like to invite you to develop  further the options in Sansar in teleporting.                                             Feel free to join us  ~>                                                                                                                                                                                                                   By Richard (aka Retro Metallic)

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