Peter Pan & Captain Hook


The Confrontation in Sansar

Captain Hook and Peter Pan


” Is it you ? My great and worthy opponent ? But it can´t be.

Not this pitiful,spineless, pasty, bloated codfish I see before me. You´re not even a shadow of Peter Pan”

Captain Hook by Sir J.M.Barrie.

Peter Pan Shadow

By Richard  (aka Retro Metallic)


3D Models & Shadow image by  Artist Silas Merlin

Image Scene –  Maya City ~>



Sir J.M. Barrie & the end of an Era


Author of Peter Pan in the world of Sansar Part Two.

Will this be the end of it? The legendary “Peter Pan House” is being renovated on a huge scale and will become by the look of it, a new apartment scheme in the Bayswater London area.


With no doubt the new building is taking shape now with a solid plan by The Considerate Constructors Company and will help new residents to start fresh in this very expensive borough of London in the 21st Century.

This 19th Century Grade II listed House was a statement and even a fantasy landmark for famous persons like : Captain Scott of the Antarctic, Lord Kennet, Lawrence of Arabia, John Betjeman, Johnny Depp and many others.

JM Barrie House sansar image by

My visits in London meant also walking by the house of Sir J.M. Barrie for years now and inspired me to make a sort of virtual tribute to him. The VR World of Sansar gives me (just in time) the oportunity in building an experience  where you can teleport yourself like a time machine into the Victorian interiors  where he created Peter Pan & Wendy.World of JM Barrie Scene One

If you are interested, you can make a Sansar account at to visit the Westminster London Experience where The Peter Pan House is situated ~>

by: Richard (aka Retro Metallic)







Tribute to Sir J.M. Barrie


Author of Peter Pan in the World of Sansar

For years when I visit Bayswater in London, I always pass by the House of Sir James Matthew Barrie; The famous author of Peter Pan.

The area was so inspiring for him: Hyde Park just across the street with the Kensington Gardens and the magnificent like eternal Georgian style white buildings surrounding Lancaster Gate and not far from Paddington.

No wonder that Sir Barrie was inspired to write the adventures of Peter Pan & Wendy, there is a certain magic in Bayswater despite of the busy traffic nowadays on Bayswater Road.

Years passed by in seeing not much activity around the house, it looked like deserted but perhaps  I was wrong anyway. Untill last year: scaffolding appear around the house and many labourers were working  digging under the floor and even in the garden?

It seems that the owners  or the new owners got big plans with the Bayswater Road No.100.

JM Barrie House sansar image by

I read that during the years  they have managed to preserve some of the original 19th century features of the house. For me the building was always a sort of landmark for the area next to the giant estates of The Lancasters.

Soon I will be visiting London again and I am very curious how the building is renovated. Maybe they will enhance the building completely or that some original features may exist along with modern renovation who knows?

It´s a nice oportunity to start myself with a new project within my Westminster London Experience in the VR world of Sansar; The Peter Pan House. This way it will become my tribute to the legendary author of Peter Pan.

I don´t believe it will ever be  a sort of museum in RL , so I will make a little museum myself in Sansar.

If you are interested to see the virtual J.M Barrie House, feel free to visit us ~>

World of JM Barrie Scene One

World of JM Barrie Scene Two

By Richard (aka Retro Metallic)







Realism & Fantasy in Sansar


Sleepy Moments Sansar Two

Slowly they are approaching; the fantasy builders of Sansar.

They are coming from the other worlds to explore and create their homes for the people of Neverland, The Dwarven, The Elves, The Middle Earth and from the Stars *****

Experience a fantasy in a VR World is very special because of the overwhelming  effects which are present as soon as you arrive there.

Have fun exploring & join us ~>

Fairy Tale Island Sansar

Fairy Tale Island by Glitchnovastar ~>

Sunbeams by Sunbeam Magic

Sunbeams by Sunbeam Magic ~>

Dwarven Fortress in Sansar

Dwarven Fortress by David Hall ~>

The Bridge Room Sansar

The Bridge Room by Whystler ~>

Felsenmeer Silas Merlin Sansar

Felsenmeer by Silas Merlin ~>

Peter Pan House in Sansar

Peter Pan House by Retro Metallic ~>



Peter Pan & the sleepy moments in Sansar


Sleepy Moments Sansar One

” Certainly they did not pretend to be sleepy, they were sleepy; and that was a   danger, for the moment they popped off, down they fell. The awful thing was that Peter found this funny. ” There he goes again !” he would cry gleefully as Michael suddenly dropped like a stone. ” 

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

Sleepy Moments Sansar Two


Peter Pan House by Richard (aka Retro Metallic)

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The Guardians of Maya City


Maya Astronaut in Sansar

For almost a decade, these Mayan heads are protecting the cybercity of Maya like they are a sort of loyal timekeepers.

Started in Second Life, they have emigrated to 3RG in open sims and since 2016 they are travelling with me to the new VR world of Sansar.

Mayan Guardians in Maya City Sansar

To me they are representing hope & energy: ” you may loose some things in life, but there is always space for new beginnings. ”


By Richard (aka AVON Xeno)


Peter Pan & The Sansar Atlas


Peter Pan & The AtlasSansar Atlas General

” According to Sansar Legends, there are a thousand worlds to explore

Follow me ~ we can fly ! ” 


Peter Pan House ~>

By Richard (aka Retro Metallic)

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Peter Pan Magic in Sansar


Peter Pan by the Pool” If you shut your eyes and are a lucky one, you may see at times a shapeless pool of lovely pale colours suspended in the darkness; then if you squeeze your eyes tighter, the pool begins to take shape, and the colours become so vivid that with another squeeze they must go on fire “

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie



Richard (aka Retro Metallic)

Peter Pan Images by Silas Merlin

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Keeping Up with Sansar


Sansar Atlas GeneralTeleport Center Bayswater London in SansarArianne Teleport List


The VR World of Sansar is such a dynamic place to explore……

Like I mentioned before in my first blog  Mind The Gap!   there are around 1000+ public experiences and you might ask yourself: ” What is a convenient/easy way to enter fast such and experience & finding your favourite place” ?

  1. The official atlas of Sansar                                                                                            You have different options to choose from; upcoming events, featured,all, Sansar Studios and the experiences of your friends called  “my friends”
  2. Remote Teleport Destinations from Inworld                                                             Several creators are developing in the experiences teleport options to other worlds. Please look carefully, you will find them while exploring destinations in Sansar.
  3. The outside                                                                                                                        Several websites are using the URL links ~> name/experience title , to offer you a teleport in sansar.    Some examples are the websites: Discover Experiences of Sansar by or Linking Up with Sansar by                                                                                                                                               The links are not very difficult to create, so we would like to invite you to develop  further the options in Sansar in teleporting.                                             Feel free to join us  ~>                                                                                                                                                                                                                   By Richard (aka Retro Metallic)

New Magic in Sansar


Second Star to the right and straight on ´til Morning

There is some new magic going on in Sansar! The magnificent artist Silas Merlin helped me to create a new sculpture for my new exhibition in

The Real Peter Pan !

Silas Merlin is well known in Virtual Worlds and RL for his art & sculptures. In just a short time  Sansar is existing, he made himself a name and his art you may find  in the Sansar Store and in his experience called ~>

The realism quality in Sansar is really inviting for creators to push themselves to the limits. The results are most of the time impressive & addictive so that you want to return to certain experiences: what´s the new  update? I really hope that I can create a new kind of magic in Sansar using all the tools which are already available inworld as tools.

Feel free to join us ~>

By Richard (aka Retro Metallic)

Peter Pan Image by Silas Merlin