Peter Pan & Captain Hook


The Confrontation in Sansar

Captain Hook and Peter Pan


” Is it you ? My great and worthy opponent ? But it can´t be.

Not this pitiful,spineless, pasty, bloated codfish I see before me. You´re not even a shadow of Peter Pan”

Captain Hook by Sir J.M.Barrie.

Peter Pan Shadow

By Richard  (aka Retro Metallic)


3D Models & Shadow image by  Artist Silas Merlin

Image Scene –  Maya City ~>



New Magic in Sansar


Second Star to the right and straight on ´til Morning

There is some new magic going on in Sansar! The magnificent artist Silas Merlin helped me to create a new sculpture for my new exhibition in

The Real Peter Pan !

Silas Merlin is well known in Virtual Worlds and RL for his art & sculptures. In just a short time  Sansar is existing, he made himself a name and his art you may find  in the Sansar Store and in his experience called ~>

The realism quality in Sansar is really inviting for creators to push themselves to the limits. The results are most of the time impressive & addictive so that you want to return to certain experiences: what´s the new  update? I really hope that I can create a new kind of magic in Sansar using all the tools which are already available inworld as tools.

Feel free to join us ~>

By Richard (aka Retro Metallic)

Peter Pan Image by Silas Merlin