Scary Sansar


A new customized approach by Monroes Ghost

The Silence Sansar Ghost

During the years, many creators and creepy experiences  showed up on

From ghost ships & horror stories to alien creeps & abandoned buildings; Marilyn always loved the attention, so she decided to share her haunting experiences in Sansar with a bigger audience !

Here we go my lovely ghost hunters 🙂

Orphanage Class Room

Orphanage of Angels by Delacruz Technologies

An abandoned orphanage still haunted by evil spirits, enter at your own risk !

SGS HALL WordPress

Scary Game Squad Hub by Delacruz Technologies

Once started as a contest for scary games creators on Sansar, this hotel is now a hub for entering several creepy games experiences hosted by YouTube celebrity Jesse Cox

The Silence Barber Shop

The Silence by Omiluo

Awaiting the ´barber´ with nice Chinese music

Sansar Top 5 Logo WordPress

Sansar Top 5 Moments – The Scary Halloween Show!

visiting: – Scary Game Squad Hub by Delacruz Technologies

– Blackwood Hall by Jogalog

– Mr. Darcy´s after Dark by Solas

– Halloween on the Bayou by Beverly Zauberflote

– The Mainstreet Fashion Galery by Alfy

abandoned Morgue Sansar Two

Abandoned Morgue by Stupidmonkey

An old morgue left to the elements – the coffin is mobile in scene.

Paranormal Investigation WordPress

Paranormal Investigation by Abramelin Wolfe

Join the ghost catchers and explore the rooms.

Grimes Hospital WordPress

Grimes Hospital by Soyer Roussel

From the Halloween Contest 2017 in Sansar: creepy scenes in a hospital you don´t want to know!


I wish you a pleasant time in & I am sure you will meet me in spirit 🙂

Love, Monroes Ghost

Guest editorial on behalf of The World Maya City.